Frustration Is getting the Best of me

Urge to Maim growing.. Dealing with Zoning and code laws is a nightmare.
Plus so far the cheapest i have been able to find to get some plans for a Tiny 650 sq foot house drawn up is 1800.00 HOLY HECK WTF !
Owning the 3.75 acres is real nice but are we going to be allowed to use it? County will not let me do anything on or with land till i have a primary residence put on it. Just for permits that is going to cost 3500. literally half what we paid for it. OK not so bad when you factor in the cost of the plans needed to get those permits (site and Detailed House) that adds another 2000 to that. In all actual sense we have to pay 5500 just for permission to use something we own already.. WTF!
Dad can we use land this weekend.
I knew this was going to be the hard part but for real this is ridiculous as all get out. i can not Even Park a car on the land till i get the primary residence established! I am Talking not about parking and leaving it i am talking about parking it and say working on the land myself to dig out say a hole for the Perk test for a Septic.
Gonna cost at least 20000 to get out on and be able to use the land we own.

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