Finally After a hundred

Finally After a hundred or more blossoms on this tree this year already  we finally got a cherry on our tree!

So i had to email the above picture to the wife at work and this is what i get in return. Gotta love my Wife!

We have been patiently waiting for one of the thousands of blooms on these two trees over the last year,to turn into a cherry. We are kinda excited. as never before tasted one looking forward to it!

It is a Barbados Cherry this variety is new to us so here is hoping it is good and sweet.

Frustration Is getting the Best of me

Urge to Maim growing.. Dealing with Zoning and code laws is a nightmare.
Plus so far the cheapest i have been able to find to get some plans for a Tiny 650 sq foot house drawn up is 1800.00 HOLY HECK WTF !
Owning the 3.75 acres is real nice but are we going to be allowed to use it? County will not let me do anything on or with land till i have a primary residence put on it. Just for permits that is going to cost 3500. literally half what we paid for it. OK not so bad when you factor in the cost of the plans needed to get those permits (site and Detailed House) that adds another 2000 to that. In all actual sense we have to pay 5500 just for permission to use something we own already.. WTF!
Dad can we use land this weekend.
I knew this was going to be the hard part but for real this is ridiculous as all get out. i can not Even Park a car on the land till i get the primary residence established! I am Talking not about parking and leaving it i am talking about parking it and say working on the land myself to dig out say a hole for the Perk test for a Septic.
Gonna cost at least 20000 to get out on and be able to use the land we own.

Well Here it is Our First Ever Post!

WE here at Garden of the Geeks have been Blessed with 3.75 acres of land for all said and done for 7402.58. Could not pass that up End of story so we Burned out taxes and took a leap and now well we are land owners. :). Now the fun begins.
Step one Septic tank and lots of permit fees. A lot to say the least but we will come out on top.
Step two build Temporary tiny house 400 square feet to get address and electric out to land. We will be turning this into the guest house at a later date.
Step 3 Move this mobile home out there and get it permanently attached then affix it to property for taxes and boom done!

seems daunting I know but we have a few or more years to do so and the willingness to to do it.